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A design studio in Berlin building micro-SaaS tools

Our creations

Products built in-house by the 'duo' in Coduo.

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A platform to search and decide escape rooms based on ratings, awards & mentions.
Built with Strapi, Meili Search & NextJS.
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Micro-products that improve customer experiences for small and medium business.
Getamenoo, Rivood & Broowze are both unique and similar to each other. More details below.
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A tool to create simple & effective online menus that can be shared using a link or QR code
Getamenoo is built with React and uses Supabase, Resend and Stripe.
phone with menu and build options
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An escape room review blog created by the Duo
Built with React and Strapi CMS
duo escapes escape room blog
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Amigo Popina is a fake restaurant website, designed & developed by Coduo Design Studio with React & Tailwind.
restaurant website

The Duo behind Coduo

Tech-enthusiastic travellers creating solutions for the world

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Strategy, design & frontend

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Schema design & backend

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