Step 1: Schedule a call + a few details

    Visit our link to schedule a 30-minute call with us and select a date and time that suits you.

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    After selecting the time, you will be asked a few basic questions regarding your project. Just so that we are a bit more prepared before talking to you.

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    Step 2: Talk to us

    In the call, we will understand your requirements in detail and find out everything we need to create a project plan/proposal.


    Step 3: Recieve Coduo's project plan

    After the call, we will put together a project proposal that explains the plan, duration, and cost for the work to be done. This will set the scope of our project.

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    Step 4: Sign the contract

    After agreeing on the project plan, we will create a contract that needs to be signed by both parties. If there is an upfront cost for the project we will also send you an invoice for the advance payment.

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    Step 5: Work begins

    Once the contract is signed, we will start to work on your project. Since we do quick work, we will start documenting all the necessary link for you in your space (Link to a sample space).

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    Step 6: Be informed of the progress

    Your space will contain all the details of the project including the signed documents, invoices and a work board. This will be your go to space to see all of the work that's done and what's upcoming.

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    Step 7: Weekly calls & feedback

    To keep track of the progress and to know if we're moving in the right direction, we will have a few calls with you to check your view on the work we're doing. Weekly calls will be scheduled by default, and ad-hoc calls can also be scheduled as and when it's required.


    Step 8: Work delivered in your space

    As we complete the tasks we will keep updating your space (Link to a sample space) to contain all the files and the designs you will require even after the project is completed. Your space will also contain the website production link, CMS login credentials, wordpress login link etc., if we're developing a website for you.